hey bucko, welcome to the grill.


Buckle up, Bucko.

These Hot Dogs are traveling through time.

A Fluffy Cloud
A space themed hotdogA hipster themed hot dogA hot dog with flaming hairA carrot smoking a cigarettte
Party Starts Soon!

the year was 2087...

Earth is on the brink of being uninhabitable and Humanity is down to its last 3,000 humans. These are the most tenacious and brilliant humans to have survived the Great Nuclear Cookout.

They are on board a rocket ship awaiting launch to explore deep space for a new home planet.

Space travel is a fickle thing though. Unbeknownst to the crew, one of them had brought along a half-eaten hot dog in their pocket.

When the hyper-flux chrono-dilation module kicked in, the DNA of the 3,000 person crew was mixed with the other organic matter onboard...

And now, 3,000 hot dogs have to find their way back home, through space and time, to save mankind.

Will You Help Them?

How much will it cost to mint?